Hi there. Welcome to our blog. 

Hi guys. Welcome to our blog!

I'm Saba, a wife and a mother to a sweet little girl. Since the day we found out we were expecting, my husband and I decided to improve our health and diet and rid our lives of as many toxins as we could. This didn't just include changes in what I bought at the grocery store or incorporating regular exercise into my schedule. It also opened up our eyes into asking ourselves if the products we use at home for cleaning are safe to be around on a daily basis. We then replaced them with healthier alternatives as well as our toiletries and makeup. Over the last eight years, I have gradually learned how to transform my home to a more natural, toxin-free atmosphere. I choose what is good for me and my family, not because some TV commercial subliminally tells me to, but because I have taken time to understand which ingredients and chemicals are present in products and what alternatives I can choose to get the same results. 

And I'm Maariya. Not to be dramatic, but it makes me die a little on the inside when I think about how unhealthy I used to be. Everything was processed: my diet, my skincare, my life in general. I was sick all the time - it was absolute misery. Fast forward a few years and a lot of research, I finally decided to change things. My husband and I love to eat - but I wanted to find ways to enjoy it and feel well at the same time. I've spent the past couple years learning how to create healthy meals and skincare/home products that would actually be good for me and my family. 

We've been sharing various recipes and DIY's with each other over the years and we have finally decided to share them with you! We hope they are as beneficial and life changing for you as they have been for our families. If you love healthy deliciousness and useful DIY's to make your home and body a healthier place, you'll love what we've got to share. 

Quick facts about us:

  • We both live in states with as much sun as possible - Saba in California, Maariya in Florida

  • Maariya has a background in education with a degree in Public Health, Saba has a degree in Health Science - we're both a bit nerdy with our research and like to know the science behind natural remedies and DIYs

  • We don't agree on everything. For example, Maariya (rightly) believes Nutella is delicious. Saba does not. 

If you want to know anything else, feel free to ask! We'd love to hear from you.