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10 minute turmeric masks

10 minute turmeric masks

Turmeric is a spice native to Asia and has been used in cooking for centuries. Due to its antioxidant properties it is used for various health and skincare remedies. Growing up, I never really bothered to look into any of the natural benefits of turmeric powder but these days it has become part of my weekly skincare routine. These 10 minute masks have only two ingredients and are pretty inexpensive for such great results! If you have sensitive skin like Maariya, scroll a little further down to Part II for her go-to turmeric mask! 

The purpose of this mask is to help your skin look more radiant and turmeric helps add that natural “glow” we all want.  It also helps with fading dark spots, evening out your skin tone, and calming acne. Aloe vera is such an amazing addition to this mask because of its wide range of healing properties such as soothing irritation or acne and hydrating your skin.

I should warn you that turmeric does leave a yellow stain so use a small container or bowl that you will only use for this purpose. Also, instead of using your fingers to mix, use a brush.

Mix the following:

I buy this aloe vera gel from Trader Joe’s but if you can get natural aloe vera it would be ideal.


Turmeric powder may be bought from your local Indian/ethnic store quite inexpensively.


This is what about 1 tablespoon of each looks like in bowl before mixing.


Once you start applying the mixture to your face it should stay on your face pretty well – no dripping etc… It should resemble the texture in the picture below.

Once you’ve applied it to your face, leave it on for about 8-10 minutes. I try to use this mask before I am going to shower so I don’t have to rinse it off using my hands so much. If not, then I use some plastic gloves to rinse off most of the product from my face then wash off using a face scrub. A scrub will ensure all the yellow hue is removed. If you are still struggling after doing all this, I recommend applying some apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball and wiping down the areas as needed.

After you are all rinsed, you should see a much more radiant complexion. You can repeat this up to 2 times a week for optimal results. Remember to always do a patch test before trying anything new on your skin!

I hope you give this quick mask a try and enjoy that glow!



Now, for those of you with more sensitive skin like mine, there’s another mask for you to try: greek yogurt & turmeric! Greek yogurt is an incredibly soothing and hydrating mask ingredient on its own – combined with the power of turmeric, it’ll knock out most of your skin issues with regular use. Yogurt contains lactic acid, which will provide a gentle exfoliation for your skin, giving you a lovely and natural glow. It will also reduce redness and prevent breakouts, fine lines, and wrinkles - so basically, you have no reason not to try it. Give it a shot – your skin will thank you for it.

Just a few notes:

  • I use full fat Greek yogurt – I find it’s more moisturizing but it’s totally up to you.

  • You could use regular plain yogurt, but it usually drips off my face. Greek yogurt is thick enough to stay put.

  • You can adjust the mask amounts as needed – I like a thicker covering on my face, but you might like it a little thinner. Sometimes I also make enough to put on my neck, so feel free to do that as well!

  • Again, like Saba mentioned – turmeric will stain, so be careful with it. Wear clothes you don't mind getting stained, just in case. And if there's a little yellow tint to your skin after, some toner should clear that right up.

  • You can add in other ingredients as well depending on your skin type: a squeeze of fresh lemon juice (a skin brightener), honey (more moisturizing), etc – we’ll talk more about these in another post too!

Instructions: Mix 1 heaping tablespoon of Greek yogurt with a teaspoon of turmeric. Apply to your face/neck with a brush. I like to leave it for 10-15 minutes and then wash off just as the yogurt is starting to dry. I follow with a moisturizer - coconut oil is great here, and helps remove some of the yellow hue. I try to do this mask 1-2 times a week, and there's a huge difference in the radiance and softness of my skin when I'm regular with it! I hope you like it, let me know if you try it out! 

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